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The Perfect Me Program: Inspirational Workout Music

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The Perfect Me Program: What’s the Best Inspirational Workout Music?

Lizzie asks…

i need some workout music!!! inspirational perhaps?

so far the best music advice thats been given to me by peops on yahoo answers are
-seals “Crazy”
-led zeppelin “kashmir”
-home made kazoku “get it by your hands”

adrian answers:

Well first and foremost The Perfect Me Program CD is perhaps the best workout music you could possibly listen to during exercise for not just motivation, but to actually change you overall mindset for the better. After that…

Kanye west stronger, maybe?

Remember the name by fort minor is probably what your loookin for

check it
song is a few seconds in

Donna asks…

Workout music? Rocky Style… inspirational.?

I dont care about the beat as much as i do the words.

This is all i have so far:

Gonna Fly Now – Bill Conti
Stronger – Kanye West
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
Remember the Name – Fort Minor

All inspire you to push yourself. Thats what really gets me pumped. Raps arent really my thing, but suggest them anyway :)

Thanks. Much appreciated.

adrian answers:

Livin’ on a prayer
hearts on fire
anything off pendulum’s in silico album especially Mutiny

Maria asks…

workout music?

what some good music , like inspirational stuff to listen to while doing work out with weights ?? any band any kind, what ever you like i’ll try

adrian answers:

Top Gun Soundtrack:

Helen asks…

What would you recommend a type of music for workouts?

I enjoy doing workouts, but there are times when I have over more music then I think, but nothing that relates to me get motivated, and inspirational. And sometime I eventually get in to the mood of just getting up and leave. So I just wondering what type, what kind, and how it help you this music??
If you like you can share some of your ideas, thanks =)

adrian answers:

Lady gaga
Jennifer Lopez
Wiz Khalifa
Pitbull (Bon, Bon and other songs)
Red Hot Chilly Peppers (Get Up and Jump)

Susan asks…

Do you these people in the ghetto like Bartendaz and Hannibal for king workout every single day?

Alright here are some vids to demonstrate what im talking about (ps if you dont like the music mute the vid)
and here’s another one

Insane Right now I’m wondering since these guys do not lift weights all they do is calisthenics How often do they train. Every Single Day a Push up, Pull up, and DIp routine and eat healthy cause I find this really inspirational if you know go ahead and answer

adrian answers:

*jizzes in your eye*

^better than your Q

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The Perfect Me Program: What’s the Best Inspirational Workout Music?

Motivational Exercise Music Trains Your Mind And Body – At The Same Time as Featured in American Fitness Magazine

Monday, January 9th, 2012

the perfect me program press clipping american fitness magazine

The latest article featuring The Perfect Me Program can be found in the Jan/Feb issue of American Fitness Magazine.

If you were to walk into one of my training sessions or hear my voice booming inspirational commands to your subconscious mind through your headphones as you exercised you’d find it hard to believe that I could have ever suffered from depression.

Once a victim of this debilitating affliction, I now use it as fuel to propel myself to heights that once seemed like an unattainable dream.  By employing some unique tactics, I have been able to go from “down in the dumps” to training others to “not just look great, but be great.”

Depression had taken a huge toll on my family for generations.  There was the aunt that got a perfect SAT score and received admission letters from several top universities yet was so crippled by depression she became an alcoholic living in squalor in an New York housing project.   There was my brother whose depression led him to a heart attack at age 25 when his weight topped 300 pounds.  And there was my father who passed away in 2005 at the age of 54 after his lifelong battle with alcoholism and depression.

Recognizing my own struggles with depression I turned to exercise as a way to boost my mood and escape the doldrums that depression can drag you into, but my mind would constantly find ways to convince me to commit self-sabotage.  I began to realize that I needed more than just exercise.  I needed to get my mind right.  I needed exercise motivation and life inspiration.  I made it my goal to figure out a way to combine them.

That was 5 years ago.  I now hold a rare combination of certifications that give me the unique ability to train my client’s bodies and minds.   I am now certified as a Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and as a Certified Practicing Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH).

Hypnotism?  Yes, hypnosis is a core value in my training system, The Perfect Me Program.  This is not in the “you are getting sleepy” paradigm of watches waving in front of eyes.  In fact, the hypnosis that occurs during use of The Perfect Me Program is based off of the “zone” that most athletes are familiar with while exercising.

It is in this “zone” where The Perfect Me Program does its work.   When listened to during exercise, the heart-pumping music and uplifting, motivational declarations are designed to fire up positive emotions and promote improved habit and thought patterns.

How you feel mentally will determine your success at sticking to your diet, going to the gym every day, starting a new business, going back to school, cultivating loving relationships or any positive goal you can imagine.  So many people ultimately fail to begin or stick with a goal until it’s done because they aren’t mentally strong enough to push past the myriad of obstacles life presents on a daily basis.  By training their minds and bodies at the same time to get stronger mentally and physically, their chances of success rise exponentially.

I’ve dubbed the combination of hypnosis and exercise, Hypnexercise® and was elated with the success people where having when adding it to their exercise regimen, but I was even more excited when my research led me to why it was working so well.

As it turns out, Hypnexercise® actually helps to stimulate the limbic system in the brain to elicit production and distribution of powerful peptides that correlate with positive emotions into the blood stream, producing thoughts in the mind that grow into healthy habits over time.

For many of my personal clients, the program has helped them in more ways than just lowering the number on the scale.  They have been able to engender a complete balance of thoughts and habits in the areas of health, wealth and happiness that becomes second nature and that leads to long-term success inside and outside the gym.

Will using The Perfect Me Program make you perfect?  No.  But the idea behind becoming the Perfect version of yourself is not to become some incredible being that never makes mistake.  It’s about the journey.  It’s about taking chances and making more mistakes than you’ve ever made in your life, because that is how you get better.

I face my own challenges insofar as finding a way to take my program from a local hit to the forefront of the competitive self-help and fitness industries, but I have an ace up my sleeve that continues to inspire me through it all.  I actually use my own program to help me stay on the road to success.

Adrian Bailey is an NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and a NASM Personal Trainer. He is the creator of The Perfect Me Program. For more information visit his website at