The ultimate investment for anyone going after their biggest goals.

You Are 36 Days From Being an Unstoppable Force of Nature.

There is no goal that will be able to escape your grasp, no obstacle that can impede your progress and no limit to the success that will be available to you at the end of this 36 day course.

Every limit that currently prevents you from being unstoppable will be removed and a new set of habits will take your life from average to extraordinary.

Habits are the only things that separate the 1% from the 99%. People believe that it is money, but that is not the case. If you take money away from an elite 1% person, they will be able to get it back. If you give money to the 99%, they will lose it. It comes down to habits.
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You Will Develop 36 Habits That Will That Will Change Your Life Forever. Some of There Lessons Include:

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Controlling Your Emotions

Break Your Chains…Fast.

You could spend an entire lifetime and tens of thousands of dollars on books, cds and therapy and never get close to the power you will get from 36 days of this training. We use a revolutionary technique to rewire your brain for success. We don’t improve you, we tear you down and allow you to create an unstoppable you.

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Auditory Re-Programming

Whether you’re home or at work, we’ve got you covered.

36 Impactful Assignments

Our food is carefully selected from local sources, is always fresh and is never frozen.

Unbelievable Results

Our goal is to make your heart healthy and your mouth happy!

Some of Our Partners

  • We are proud to work with some of the top trainers at Equinox Marina Del Rey. Equinox MDR provides Ultra-Luxe Amenities · Elite Personal Trainers · Top Group Fitness Classes · Spa & Shop and now first class meal delivery options for their clientele. We work directly with the trainers to help their clients get the most out of their training sessions and life.

  • The modern apartments at Stella are a unique mix of coastal and contemporary – welcoming the sun, sky and breezes while offering a fresh, clean canvas for your personal style. We hold events and classes there frwquntly. Be it resident meal delivery or our luxe-event and catering services, we ensure every resident at Stella has a memorable experience.

Hear from some of our happy clients.

Our clients include athletes, models, working professionals, moms, dads and even their kids. Our goal is to transform lives and we see each of our clients more as partners than customers. When you win, we win. We are more than just a business, but a partner dedicated to helping you to look and feel your absolute best!

Amazing Prices. Zero Commitments.

We’re confident in our service so we don’t force you into any long term commitments. We know you’ll love the food, the service and the results you get. If you would like to make things easier you can totally sign up for a subscription plan and you won’t even have to think about your food again!

You’ll Love The Convenience.

Normally spoiling yourself means being just a little bit naughty. That is not the case when it comes to meal planning with us. Meal planning with us is an indulgence that is actually good for you. Having our fresh, delicious healthy food delivered right to your door in a cute lime green tote will have such a positive impact on your life!

3 Flexible Options. You Decide the Meals.

Most other meal plans pick the meals for you. Not Custom Creations LA. You decide what you want to eat from our full menu. We don’t believe in limiting our clients. We even allow further customization to the meals if you need to swap items out, don’t like a particular ingredient or want to add on extra anything at all. Your success means the world to us!

Pick Any 10 Meals


For the week
  • 5 Day Meal Plan From Our Menu
  • 2 Daily Meals
  • 2 weekly deliveries
  • About $14 a meal
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Pick Any 21 Meals


For the Week
  • 7 Day Meal Plan from our menu
  • 3 Daily Meals
  • 3 Weekly Deliveries
  • Less than $12 a meal!
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Simply pick a meal plan from Our Menu page that fits your budget, lifestyle, and health goals. Once you find the perfect plan for you, simply pick the meals you would like from our menu. With Custom Creations LA you are never limited to what we want to send you. There are even additional add-ons you can add to customize your order even more. That’s it. We’ll handle the rest! You’ll enjoy fresh and nutritious meals delivered to your door (2-3 times a week depending on your plan).
Absolutely. You can call or email us and we will review your goals and help you pick a plan that works best for you. If you need more advice we can direct you to one of the trusted Nutrition Advisers we work with too.
Our current delivery schedule sends your meals out on Mondays and Wednesdays for 5 day a week packages and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 7 days packages.

The majority of our orders are delivered early in the morning by 10 am, but if you have a specific time that you must have your meals by, let us know and we’ll do our best to get them to you then!
We’re locals! In order to provide the very best service, we currently limit our deliveries to within 5 miles of Marina del Rey. Delivery fees are based on mileage from Marina del Rey.

Are you just outside our service area? Let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!
Absolutely. We have many clients that receive their deliveries at their office. Feel free to set up delivery to your gym as well! Be sure to the front desk know or receptionist know to expect our delivery!
A couple things about deliveries:
1. Make sure you are able to refrigerate your meals once they are dropped off! Our meals are fresh and needs to be kept cool!
2. If your delivery location has any special instructions that must be met in order to get you your food, be sure to let us and the anyone at the drop off location know.
Life happens. We get it. If you’re going out of town or need to pause your plan for any reason, call or email us the date to hold your delivery service as well as the date to restart the delivery.
Please give us at least 3-5 day’s notice to ensure that your hold goes through successfully.
One of the best things about working with Custom Creations LA is your ability to customize your meals based on your dietary restrictions. We will make sure that your food is cooked according to your health needs.

If you have any allergies let us know your and we’ll tailor your plan to meet your specific needs!
We get it. Some people just don’t like certain things. If there is an ingredient in any of our meals that you don’t like, let us know and we’ll either remove it or find a replacement. How’s that for service?

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Based in Marina Del Rey. Serving West LA.

Our Core Values

We put love into every meal

We are a small start up that takes the time to make sure every meal is cooked exactly the way you want it and we strive to put a piece of our heart into your food. There is a difference your mouth and body can feel when you choose meals cooked our way over food pumped out of some large corporate food plant.

We Pursue Excellence

We never stop seeking ways to get better. Our door is open to every customer that has ideas, feedback or even constructive criticism. We will never get complacent when it comes to providing our clients excellent service and food of the highest quality .

We Practice Honesty

Integrity is paramount in our overall mission to build a business that will stand the test of time, obstacles and competition. If we say something on our site, our email correspondence or even directly to you, know that we will honor our word 100%. We will never lie or use deceitful tactics to get or keep your business.

We give back

Custom Creations LA actually cares about our customers, our planet and our community. We donate portions of all orders to projects near and dear to our heart. We currently deliver quality meals once a month to homeless men, women and children in our area. We accept donations and open our doors to volunteers who would like to participate in making our world better. If you’re interested in donating or volunteering send us an email and we’ll fill you in on how you can help!